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Our Products

Custom Procedure Trays

Aligned Medical Solutions has been recognized as a quality leader in custom pack manufacturing. We have access to all major medical-surgical suppliers, and since we do not self-manufacture any components, we strive to provide our customers with the exact specifications they request. We can also suggest cost-saving alternatives for facilities that are interested in even more efficiency.

Foam Positioning Products

Our foam line of products is ideal for operating rooms that demand quick and efficient turnover. Choose from our standard patient care kits, or individual components such as:

  • Head rest with plush memory foam layer for patient comfort and support
  • Ulnar nerve and heel pads, a full two inches thick for extra protection
  • Arm cradles to restrict rotation and provide support for the entire limb

Diagnostic Procedure Trays

A new addition to the Aligned Medical Solutions product line is our Diagnostic Procedure Trays. This line includes:

  • Amniocentisis Tray
  • Lumbar Puncture Tray
  • Arthrogram Tray
  • Biopsy Tray

Other Non-Sterile Kits

OR Turnover Kits

Everything a busy OR staff needs to turnover a room quickly and cost-effectively. These kits are completely customizable with the following standard components:

  • Impervious Drape Sheet
  • Lift Sheet
  • Mophead
  • Armboard Covers with Straps
  • Clear, Red & Blue Drawstring Bags
  • Small Red Drawstring Bag
  • Absorbent Towels

Admission Kits

Design the kit that works best for your facility and your patients, including a 32oz. thermal mug with your hospital logo.

Contract Packaging and Sterilization

Why Aligned Medical Solutions for your packaging and sterilization needs?

  • FDA Registration
  • ISO 13485 Certification
  • “Current Good Manufacturing Practices” (cGMP) compliant
  • Cost competitive including small batch runs
  • Unlimited Batch quantities from only 2 products to 2 million products sterilized
  • Three-phase process (preconditioning, sterilization, aeration) with a turnaround time of five days or less.
  • Operating 24 hours a day, 7 days/week
  • Distribution resources available to reduce delivery time and cost
  • ETO sterilization programs and cycle development available
  • Protocol Development Assistance
  • Preconditioning and aeration rooms
  • Process and Product Flow confirmations providing clear separation of processed and unprocessed product.
  • Adherence to AAMI and ISO sterilization standards.

Please allow us the opportunity to help you with your sterilization needs. Aligned Medical Solutions is an organization with vast experience in all facets of ETO sterilization since 1977.

As a surgical pack manufacturer, we have access to a variety of packaging materials such as peel pouches, breather or header bags, custom trays and vacuum-sealing capabilities.

Our direct-injection method of sterilization creates a shorter cycle time than chamber sterilization (87 hours vs. 7-10 days)

Ethylene Oxide gas is a more friendly sterilant than gamma sterilization, which can make certain plastics brittle