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Why Choose AMS?

Aligned Medical Solutions is a world class custom procedure tray manufacturer. We have developed our customer facing processes around efficiency and flexibility. Here is what this means to you...

Our Mission Statement

Produce the highest quality custom procedure trays while providing elite service that enhances our customers exceptional patient care.

Your Pack Your Way

Our field sales force is a highly trained group of CPT experts. They are taught that a customer's satisfaction lies within getting the pack they want with the agreed upon product in it (no auto-subs) at a valued price point. We work tirelessly to make sure that we meet and exceed our customer's product, service and pricing requests.

Accelerated Quotes and Samples

From first contact with Aligned Medical Solutions, you will see a difference. Expect your quotes returned within one week, and non-sterile samples in two weeks. That means you will quickly have the information that you need to make an informed decision.

Accelerated Pack Changes

Component changes are a necessary part of using custom packs. Unfortunately, with most companies, it could take months before you see the changes in your packs. Because of our flexible sterilization process and production requirements, Aligned Medical Solutions can get your pack changes on the shelf within a very short timeframe. This means that instead of waiting months for the change, you will see the products that you desire sooner.

Aligned Medical Solutions Online Surgical Pack and Account Management System

Aligned Medical Solutions has developed an on-line management tool for our customer. The Customer Pack Management program ensures you have the necessary information and control to manage your business from a clinical and cost perspective.

On-line features include an electronic inventory and product management tool that gives you the ability to:

  • Place orders
  • Review order status
  • Track shipments
  • Request pack changes
  • Request quotes
  • Manage your payments
  • Manage your purchase history, including comprehensive sales tracings

With the user-friendly interface, we hope your experience will be met with ease. The main page of each section includes a brief summary of what is included in each sub-link.